Our Products

Our Products

We work with our customers to supply what is the most beneficial for them. Whether you need a brand new turnkey system, just our core system, or anything in between, we can make it happen! We want to do whatever is best for the customer because we understand every situation is unique.

The Liberator

We offer our core independently and as a complete system.

Size Reduction
Reducing material to smaller pieces increases surface area, bulk density, compaction, and improves handling characteristics.

Moisture Removal
The dynamic action inside the mill removes up to 30% moisture.

The Liberator breaks composite materials into component pieces for recovering marketable products.

Ergonomically Accessible
The Liberator is simplistic yet efficient, allowing easy maintenance when replacing wear parts due to its patented ergonomic clam-shell design. This significantly cuts the downtime needed to replace interior wear parts, maximizing uptime for profitable product recovery.

Liberator Core System Includes:
• In-feed Hood
• Platform & Stairs
• Liberating Mill
• Connecting Ductwork to Dropbox
• Dropbox & Support Frame
• Rotary Valve

Turnkey Systems

We do all the work! A turnkey system is the easiest way to get moving forward as fast as possible. We can take care of every detail if you are providing a building, or just a building site.

To learn more about our turnkey offerings please, contact us.

Partial Systems

You could have some of your system already integrated but need help with only a few things to complete everything. We are here to work with you by listening to your needs to best reach your goals.

To learn more about our equipment and service offerings please, contact us.

Let’s Talk About it.

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