Our Technology

The Liberator

The Liberator is our high speed vertical mill. Its robust design gives a competitive advantage against traditional processing equipment since it does not rely on grates, screens, or sharpened blades. Its designed to process anything from stainless steel, tough natural fiber, tires, small and large gauge wire, and so much more.

Size Reduction

Reducing the size of material increases surface area, bulk density, compaction, and improves handling characteristics. We see balling of small nonferrous metal and fiberizing cellulosic materials.

Moisture Removal

The dynamic action and airflow inside the mill remove up to 30% moisture without the use of heat, or any residual wastewater.


The Liberator breaks composite materials into component pieces for isolating marketable products.

The Liberator Advantages

Through the 300 hp motor, hardened premium alloy wear parts, ultra-heavy-duty bearings and exoskeleton design, this machine is robust enough to operate in harsh/outdoor environments.

Reject Pan
The patent pending reject pan allows the Liberator to “spit out” materials that can’t be processed. Material that could damage traditional shredders/grinders.

Low Operational Cost
The patented clam-shell design allows for easy access to all wear parts as well as the rotor.

The control panel ensures the material is fully automated when feeding and evacuating, thus optimizing performance. It can be monitored off site to provide support and keep you running around the clock.

Capable of drying, liberating and size reducing a wide variety of feedstock, from ASR to hemp, asphalt shingles, MSW and more with little to no retooling.

Complete System
We have partners that provide turnkey processing lines for separation. We also provide assistance in designing a unit for your specific application.

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