Our Technology

We Have Only Begun Scratching the Surface.

We believe our technology will change multiple industries because of the unique performance within the machine itself.

Size Reduction
Reducing material to smaller pieces increases surface area, bulk density, compaction, and improves handling characteristics.

Moisture Removal
The dynamic action inside the mill removes up to 30% moisture.

The Liberator breaks composite materials into component pieces for recovering marketable products.

Patented Technology

The Liberator is simplistic yet efficient, allowing easy maintenance when replacing wear parts due to its ergonomic patented clam-shell design. This significantly cuts downtime needed to replace interior wear parts, maximizing uptime for profitable product recovery.

The Liberator Advantages

Through the 300 hp motor, hardened premium alloy wear parts, ultra heavy duty bearings and exoskeleton design, this machine is robust enough to operate in harsh environments.

Reject Pan
The patent pending reject pan allows the Liberator to “spit out” materials that can’t be processed.

Capable of drying, liberating and size reducing a wide variety of feedstock, from ASR to hemp, asphalt shingles, MSW and more with little to no retooling.

Complete System
We provide turn key processing lines for separation. We also provide assistance in designing a unit for your specific application.

Low Operational Cost
The patented clam-shell design allows for easier access to all wear parts as well as the main component.

The control panel ensures the material is fed and evacuated, thus optimizing performance. It can be monitored off site to provide support and keep you running around the clock.

Material Before and After Photos

Automotive Shredder Residue
Industrial Hemp
Plastic Sinker Rejects

A Partnership of Great Engineering and Experience

Our partner company GENESYS Corp has been built on the concept of; Create. Innovate. Integrate. Problem Solved.

State of the Art Machines Need State of the Art Technology

We have a dedicated team of experienced individuals making sure the machine is always running at peak efficiency.

Remote Plant Control

Control the plant from anywhere with just an internet connection.


Programmed start up and shut down sequences to keep the system running clean

Replacement Parts

It’s so easy to change the parts, it can be done in less than an hour.

Want to make a difference?

Test your material today to see how you can change your industry.

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