Copper Recovery

The ECE Liberator enables customers to economically upgrade material packages, recovering virtually all copper and non- ferrous.

ASR Copper Recovery

  • The ECE patented mill gives processing plants the power to shift all sensor sorters to fire on all stainless, creating a clean stainless package first.
  • The negatives are fed directly into the Liberator Mill or a second sensor sorter can be used firing on all metal to concentrate the stream.
  • The simplistic yet efficient interior of the Liberator Mill has one moving part, no grates or screens to blind and heat up and wear, and is easily accessible with its clam-shell design
  • This allows the negatives to be processed while creating no serious heat issues eliminating meltdowns and dramatically reducing wear rates.
  • The cutting hammers are designed to be the only high wear item In the machine. This allows for extended run periods of up to 100+ hours of ASR run time @ 3500 lbs. per hour before changing wear parts taking your processing line from around a 50% down-time to a 10% down time at $10-$20 per ton operational cost on wear parts.
  • The layout covers about a 1,000 sq. ft. foot print for the Core System.
  • This machine will also create a clean balled up metallic product doubling as a balling mill as a one stop shop processing machine.

The ECE liberating mill provides customers the ability to process a wide variety of low grade copper bearing materials with minimal pre-processing, 80%+ up time, Easy maintenance, low cost wear parts  resulting in significant return on investment.

We are happy to run your material at our full scale testing facility in Kansas City, MO. We can also set up a tour at the American Pulverizer owned yard, Springfield Iron and Metal.


“I wish we would have had one of these machines 14 years ago.”

Burl Williams- Plant Manager Springfield Iron and Metal

“It feels good making repurposing profitable.”

Matthew Perry – President Genesys Corp / ECE

Let’s talk about how we can recover more copper.

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