ECE Systems

Who We Are

ECE manufactures our patented Liberating mill, designed to size reduce, liberate, ball, and dry a wide variety of materials. We are dedicated to resource recovery and innovating processing systems to landfill less, and use more.

What We Do

We believe in a hands on experience at ECE. We use our full scale test facility in Kansas City, Missouri to make sure that our machinery is the best option for you (even if we’re already sure of it!)

We Evaluate

We work with our clients to understand their specific material streams and evaluate how our patented technology can simplify production, reduce costs, and grow profitable revenue.

We Test

After evaluating our client’s material, we invite them to our test facility in Kansas City, MO for a full production demonstration run. Here, we break down your material for a full scale audit, you can see the trash AND the treasure first hand!

We Deliver

We design and deliver equipment that meets your processing needs. Making sure you’re up, running, and recovering in no time!

Why We Do It

We believe sustainability benefits everyone! Resource recovery increases revenue, decreases landfill rates, and protects the planet for future generations.

“The Liberator”

High Speed Vertical Mill


Separation of materials into their individual components, leaving it ready for easy separation with ancillary downstream equipment.

Moisture Reduction

Our dry mechanical process uses air to pull material through the system. This creates a drying effect and reduces moisture content by as much as 30%.

Size Reduction

As material passes the mill’s hammer blades, its broken down into smaller sizes, great for screening and further separation downstream.

Before & After Copper Recovery Results

Automotive Shredder Residue turned into 2B copper chops ready for sale

Before & After Hemp Liberation / Decortication

Industrial Hemp decorticated, fiberized and liberated.

Before & After Plastic Liberation & Size Reduction

Plastic Sinker Rejects clean, dry separated from films, metals, and other non-desirable material

How can ECE help you?

3210 E 85th St. Kansas City, MO 64132 – 816.678.2196 – CadenPerry@energycreatesenergy.com