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ECE’s Liberator technology allows you to economically harvest resources from low value waste streams. Doing this makes a major impact on our planets health while simultaneously providing significant return on investment.

What We Do

We Evaluate

We work with our clients to understand their material streams and how we can use our patented technology to reduce costs and grow profitable revenue.

We Test

We receive our client’s material and invite them to our test facility in Kansas City for a full production demonstration run.

We Deliver

We work with clients to design and deliver a system that meets their processing needs and gives them the best return on investment.

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We are learning every day what incredible things The Liberator is capable of.

Why:  We believe through technology society
can economically harvest industrial nutrients from waste.

What We Do:  We enable companies to liberate products
from waste streams with our mechanical systems.

Who We Are:  Technology enablers

The Liberator

Size Reduction

As material passes the mill’s hammer blades, it’s broken down into varying smaller sizes, great for screening and separating later on.


Separation of materials into their individual compounds, leaving it ready for easy separation through the following downstream equipment.

Moisture Reduction

The Liberator uses air to pull material through the system, creating a drying effect and reducing moisture content by as much as 25% in some cases.

Before & After Copper Recovery Results

Automotive Shredder Residue

Before & After Hemp Liberation / Decortication

Industrial Hemp

Before & After MRF Liberation & Size Reduction

Plastic Sinker Rejects

The ECE Advantage

The innovation that sets us apart is the way our patented equipment liberates and dries marketable materials from their composite forms. We have developed a process that is faster, more versatile and more eco-friendly than the industry has ever seen.

Contact us and we’ll see if we can help you recover your valuable materials.

The Impact Thus Far

Materials Saved From the Landfill So Far


ECE Systems


Different Industries


Only One Earth

About Us

ECE is changing the recycling industry by creating valuable products from waste streams.


The patented Liberator is simplistic yet efficient, allowing easy maintenance when replacing wear parts due to its ergonomic patented clam-shell design. This significantly cuts downtime needed to replace interior wear parts, maximizing uptime for profitable product recovery.

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